Myopia is the term for a ‘short sighted’ eye. The written prescription will start with a minus (-) sign in front of the numbers and lenses will often make things look a little smaller if held up and looked through.

Myopia Control / Therapy is a very hot topic in optics right now. We now have the ability to use specialist techniques and lenses to slow the rate that a child’s prescription will increase. This is very important for a number of reasons, not least:

  • Reducing the risk of eye complications

  • Increasing the options for eyewear or laser correction 

  • Keeping glasses lenses from becoming very thick and expensive


Without intervention we know that the prescription will typically keep increasing until the person is in their mid 20s. 

There is no minimum age at which myopia control can be considered and often has a bigger impact the earlier it is started. 

There are 3 therapies under license in the UK:

1. The use of specialised spectacle lenses in normal frames (cosmetically these lenses look just the same as ‘normal’ lenses). 

2. Specialised Soft Contact Lenses.

3. Ortho-K – A custom made lens which is worn on the eye at night, gently reshaping the front of the eye to leave the wearer without the need for glasses or contact lenses throughout the day.


Our Myopia Control options start from £25 per month – Please contact us to book in for a FREE myopia consultation to discuss all options.

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