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Children’s standard eye tests are funded by the NHS.


Children’s eyes grow, like everything else, and ensuring they develop as expected is very important. Vision issues can affect learning and development, so we are keen to look after this aspect of your child’s health.

We recommend having your childrens' eyes tested annually from the age of 4 (but we’re happy to look earlier if you have concerns) as part of their routine health care.

Should glasses be recommended, an NHS voucher will be issued towards the cost of glasses. We have a range of glasses that are free with an NHS voucher. We know that childrens' eyes are precious, so all our childrens' lenses come with reflection free, anti-glare finish and a UV filter as standard.

We have a dedicated childrens' corner and great selection of eyewear should it be required. Our experienced staff will help with recommendations and qualified fitting as well as making it a fun experience!

If you have noticed your child’s prescription increasing at each eye exam please talk to us about myopia management - there may be things we can do to slow these changes and influence a better long term outcome to their vision. 

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