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At Romsey Eyecare, we don’t just care about our patient’s eyes (although that is hugely important!) – we care about the environment, too. Our 2021 shop move provided us with the opportunity to take a good look at our environmental impact and figure out what measures we could take to be more eco-friendly. Here are some of the ways we are currently striving to make our practice as sustainable as possible: 

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An example of a wonderful eco-friendly brand we carry is Feb31st. These handmade wooden frames are made to last, meaning that (with proper care), they will last many years before they need to be replaced. As well as this, every frame is handmade from certified FSC ecologically harvested woods.

We are part of the ACUVUE® Contact Lens Recycle Programme. We provide a collection point for contact lenses, including their blister packs and foils. These can then be sent off, shredded and repurposed, reducing the amount of plastic in land fill.

Finally, our most recent upgrade is that we are now delighted to offer a glasses cleaning solution top up point! After buying cleaning solution once, simply pop in-store and refill your solution bottle as and when you need, at no charge. You get to save money and help reduce plastic waste. Win win! 

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