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For children

Have you noticed your child’s prescription increasing with each eye exam? Talk to us. This can be a sign of myopia. 


Myopia is a term for the ‘short-sighted’ eye in which the eye is slightly longer than average, causing light to fall short of the back of the eye. When children grow, the eye gets bigger too, so the issue only gets worse. Myopia management is a hot topic at the moment, and research is ongoing to help us best support you. If things seem smaller when looking through your child's glasses, they are myopic.  

Kid drawing

Left unmanaged, myopia is likely to get worse as the child grows. This can lead to an increased risk of various sight-threatening conditions, including retinal detachment, glaucoma, and cataracts. 

There is no safe level of myopia. The risk increases as the prescription gets stronger, but it is never risk-free. 


We don’t know everything about myopia, but we know too much to do nothing.


Although myopia can never be fully resolved or ‘cured’, there are things we can do to slow the progression and influence the outcome.

Slowing the progression of myopia can help reduce the risk of eye complications, increase the options for eyewear and/or laser correction, and keeps the glasses lenses from becoming very thick and expensive.


With intervention, we can slow myopia progression up to around 60%! 

There are three main types of myopia management, all of which we can offer you here at Romsey Eyecare. These are: 

  • Specialised glasses lenses in normal glasses frames (Stellest or Miyosmart) – these look cosmetically the same as ‘normal’ glasses lenses

  • Specialised soft contact lenses (including MiSight)

  • Ortho-K contact lenses – a custom made lens to wear overnight with gently reshapes the front of the eye. This leaves the wearer without need for glasses or contact lenses throughout the day. Learn more about this method of myopia management HERE

Our Myopia Management options start from £25 per month – Please contact us to book in for a FREE myopia consultation to discuss all options.

More information can be found here.

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